PANDORA Caribbean Cool Charm Bracelet

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This beautiful PANDORA Caribbean Cool Charm Bracelet is my way of honoring your and our relationship. The details are vary clean and it’s vary cute.

790385-05 : 269865-PANDORA Daisy Safety Chain
2 x 791182 : 344220-PANDORA Globe Clip
4 x 791261MCZMX : 802-3003-PANDORA Ocean Mosaic Pave Charm
2 x 791293CZ : 347057-PANDORA Pineapple Charm
2 x 791499SGQ : 802-3007-PANDORA Green Petite Facets Charm
2 x 791538CZ : 802-3010-PANDORA Sea Turtle Charm
2 x 791539CZ : 802-3011-PANDORA Sparkling Snake Charm
791540CZ : 802-3012-PANDORA Sparkling Palm Tree Dangle
Color: Blue
Color: Green
Color: Teal
Metal: Sterling Silver
Stone: Cubic Zirconia
Designer: PANDORA